Dearest Netizen, the message is ABC – Always Be Connected.

And how do we connect with and grasp the world by its short & curlies? Primarily with our hands. But, what I’m texting about here is being in touch … you know, physical contact (omigod, that’s unhygienic, intrusive, intimate, presumptuous, a violation of personal space). No, doing it with gloves on is kinda kinky, but won’t protect your person.

First things first though – before you can effectively be in touch with the world around you, you need to be in touch with yourself. That involves tuning into and toning up your being – hardware, wetware and software (i.e. your persona program) – works, quirks ‘n all.

So much for the generalities, now let’s get down to the specifics. Specifically, the most exquisite, sensitive, adroit and dextrous tool in your toolbox – your hands. We may conceive with the mind, but we create, we manifest with the hand (Latin manu = hand, as per manual, manufacture, manifest, manipulate etc).

Your hand is evolution’s gift to you. Lucky you! Which begs the questions, “what, why and how are you doing with your divine endowment?

A mystic would say the world and your place in it is in God’s hands; a pragmatist on the other hand would say that it’s all in your hands. I say that it’s both – we work it out together, hand-in-hand.

Ok? Get in touch if any of this rings your bell.

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