It’s time to act – mindfully – and take steps to: regain your clarity, presence of mind, and serenity; regenerate your energy and vitality; rejuvenate your health (body and soul); and reclaim your freedom. In short, to max your mojo with our rejuvenation blueprint.

David Labuschagne

October 13th, 2023

I read the news today, oh boy (actually, oy vey!). But as usual there was nothing new – just same old tales of death, disease and disaster on a global scale. You know how it goes.

Look, even Stevie Wonder can see that humanity’s on a collision course with itself, and it’s shaping up to be the mother of all train wrecks. No worries though mate because the “System” (i.e. Big Brother/Mother and co.) has our best interests at heart and is sure to save us from ourselves. Yeah, right.

Seriously now, the system sucks – it’s beyond bent. it’s broke (in more ways then one). So, the quadrillion dollar question is “What’s The Fix” (WTF). There’s no lack of smart (and even wise) souls penning insightful analyses into what’s going horribly wrong on the world stage, and why, and who’s to blame. But generally, their writings are redolent of an epitaph on the gravestone of civilization. RIP!

But hang on there – not so fast with the portents of doom and gloom! Before you hit the panic button and rush out to stock up on tranquilizers or tequila to blot out the impending “end of days”, give me a couple of minutes of your time because I’ve got some good news for you. It goes like this: there really is a fix – not some band-aid solution mind you, but one that is feasible and substantive.

First, let’s talk about WTF is not:

  1. It’s not about fixing “the system”, viz., political, educational, judicial, medical, financial, whatever. These archaic relics of the power structure have nothing productive to offer aside from yet more of the same old-school nepotism and despotism. The too-big-to fail, unsinkable Titanic is beyond salvaging, revamping or redemption (and oops, there’s no lifeboats).
  2. It’s also not about implementing catastrophic measures (aka The Great Reset), or praying for a cataclysmic scourge that will wipe out all the evil-doers and cleanse the planet (aka the Second Coming).
  3. Nor is it about holing up in the Himalayas and chanting om-mane-padme-om or hare krishna whilst contemplating your navel.
  4. And it certainly ain’t about surviving the apocalypse with a cache of munitions and munchies on some impregnable island fortress.

Alright then, so WTF?

Simply, it all begins (and ends) with you. Forget about seeking to control or blame others; or subverting and outsmarting the system; or signing up with Team Panic and the Chicken Little Brigade. Think globally, but act locally (that means YOU). It’s like this – you may well have (for whatever reasons) abnegated personal responsibility for your own well-being, but you actually have way more power than you realise.

In other words, it’s time for you to get back in the driver’s seat of your life with your hands on the wheel. And that entails becoming aware (i.e. tuning into and tuning up your senses) so that you know what’s going down. First internally (aka getting your shit together) and then externally (you’re not the only lead character on the stage). It means being the primary caretaker of your health, wealth and happiness. Because seriously now, if not you, then who? Some physician, priest, psychologist  or politician? Guess what, like it or not, you’re the guru. You’re it! And to help fast track you on the path to reclaiming, regaining and retaining control of your health, your life, your destiny, we’re presenting you with a rejuvenation blueprint.

First things first though. Before you can set about fixing what’s bent or broke (or preventing these mishaps in a timely manner), there are a few prerequisites. To elucidate these, I will use the metaphor of a computer.

Top of the list is AWARENESS. Which is all about being attentive and focused; about being tuned in to and cognizant of what’s going down, up, round and round, or nowhere. Awareness is essentially sensory input – both endogenous and exogenous. In computer terminology, this is the DATA INPUT stage.

The next prerequisite is CLARITY. To make sense of the raw data, you need to reflect on and process it, and that entails having a clear, focused and undisturbed mind. The role of your brain box  (i.e. your CPU) is PROCESSING info – i.e. your programs that transform data into knowledge, understanding and (hopefully) wisdom. All of which is a prerequisite for making smart decisions and creating a plan of action.

Which leads to the final step in the process – OUTPUT: putting things into action. And that requires ENERGY.

So, WTF? It’s the ACE that you have in your hand: Awareness–Clarity-Energy!

“Easy to say” – I hear you say – “but just how am I supposed to reclaim control of my life”? Now you’re asking the right questions.

Say what?! You want me to give you the answers? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret – but you probably don’t want to hear it – you’ve got the answers, and they’re right in front of you. The thing is, you’ve allowed yourself to become distracted and derailed (and maybe even debauched) by the siren calls of comfort, convenience, ease and security. And that lulling of the senses has left you blind, deaf and dumb to what is real; to what is important.

Anyway, enough words already. Now it’s time to act – mindfully – and take steps to: regain your clarity, presence of mind, and serenity; regenerate your energy and vitality; rejuvenate your health (body and soul); and reclaim your freedom. In short, to max your mojo. Unfortunately, there’s no pill you can pop or gee-whizz technology that you can plug in that’ll fix you. There are however, various courses and resources available that can assist you to tune into, tune up and take to the next level this phenomenal body, brain & spirit that evolution has bequeathed you.

On that note, I have developed and extensively used the Kinergetix modality over the last 20+ years to assist people on their path of personal evolution. You may contact me for further info at if you’re interested. Thanks for your attention.


• Input = shut up, accept and be in the moment In electrical terms: the louder the noise, the weaker the signal. The noise is in yourself, and even when you talk a lot, the input is blocked. Two ears / one mouth. When you speak, you don’t hear. So shut up!

• Output = move your ass, charge into action, it’s time to start playing with it. GIGO – if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out. If the information you absorb is wrong, bad, lousy and your processing is bad, biased, you can’t make the right decisions and make mistakes.

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