If your time is worth saving, you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a-changin’, (Bob Dylan)

The old ways aren’t working anymore; to persist with them is inviting disaster. Redoubling your efforts and driving yourself harder won’t improve matters – quite the contrary, that will only exacerbate problems and accelerate untimely disease and demise. It’s up to you. You have a choice – change or come to an untimely, untidy end. So, please wake up, because you, your family and the world desperately need you to be your best.

Paradise lost
We live in an age of unparalleled material wealth and luxury; a veritable garden of Eden. Concomitant with this abundance are the pressures of modern lifestyles, and these have given rise to accelerated decrepitude, low levels of personal fitness, a pandemic of chronic diseases and disabilities. and spiritual impoverishment. This scenario is creating widespread suffering and hardship, the crippling costs of which are having to be borne not only by those affected (and their families), but also by governments and the health system. Moreover, rapidly escalating health costs, decreasing productivity and an aging population are creating an untenable situation.

Looking out the window or in the newspaper we observe the bulk of humanity in a state of internal discord and disease, and external disharmony with nature and at war with each other. The situation is critical, because individually and collectively we cannot keep going on in the same old ways without catastrophic consequences.

So, who can we turn to for solutions to address the issues of health and wellbeing, on both the personal and social levels? The politicians, priests and academics not only tell us which questions are politically and ethically correct to ask, but also provide the acceptable answers.

Rather than take responsibility for our own actions, behaviour, health, and spiritual evolution, we appoint intercessors and give them authority to secure our place in heaven as on earth. In giving up and trading our independence for security, we have surrendered the determination of our lives and destinies to the Welfare State and its intermediaries. Thereby we have shed our responsibilities and placed them on the shoulders of people or governments that are all too often inept, misinformed, misguided or corrupt, and who are only too keen to take control of your life.

Empowering the authorities and experts to make decisions for us and act on our behalf would be understandable if doing such raised the quality of our lives … but it hasn’t.

The health sciences too have lost their way. In declaring life to be nothing more than a chemical reaction, the medical profession has succumbed to the tyranny of the drug companies who promise quick fixes for complex and chronic health conditions, and who prescribe expensive chemicals to cure the ailments of body, mind and soul. The operation was declared to be successful (according to the published peer-reviewed data), unfortunately the patient was uncooperative and died. And by the way, if you think that role models are important, then have a good look at the Minister of Health (and any number of medical professionals).

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. (Socrates 470 BC – 399 BC)
We live in a world where the ground keeps moving under our feet and where nothing seems to be permanent or certain. A world in which the things, values and relationships that we take for granted are in a state of constant flux, so much so that even reality seems to be relative, subjective and transient. But rest assured that you are not alone in navigating your way through this mirror maze of projections and illusions.

Some of us attempt to deal with this shifting ephemeral reality by the stratagems of building ever thicker prison walls with which to shield ourselves from the outside world, or by endeavouring to tightly control our environment and the people within it. Or, when all else fails, one can resort to the simple but very effective act of denial or blaming someone else. In truth, change is the only constant. On the personal level, and one that affects every organism, the rule is adapt or die. To paraphrase Charles Darwin, only the fit survive.

CHANGE or DIE: Change is difficult; not changing is fatal
Before we can formulate a solution and make the necessary changes, we need to better understand the causes of this personal and global crisis. Probably the most significant issue is that we have lost touch with our own internal guidance system. This internal system functions like a GPS for the soul. The coordinates are set by our guiding principles, or in other words, our innate sense of right and wrong. When we ignore or fail to respect such intrinsic values, then we resort to the external imposition of law and order by the mechanisms of force, threat of punishment, or the promise of reward for good behaviour.

To effectively deal with this crisis requires wide-spread measures to educate and motivate people about their health behaviour, and also to provide effective programs which will assist those in need with managing their disabilities and diseases. In order to address these concerns, I have developed, trialed and implemented a health conditioning program, Kinergetix Movement Therapy, which has proved to be both successful and cost-effective in dealing with a broad spectrum of disorders.

You have probably spent the better part of your life digging the hole which you currently find yourself in. Thanks to technology, you can dig your hole deeper and quicker. Einstein said that we cannot solve a problem using the same paradigm we used to create that problem. So, in that case, whom can you turn to for help to put things right at home and in the world at large? When things fall apart and society unravels, whom will you blame for the predicament that is engulfing all of us? Or will you adopt the victim mentality, living off the state and other people’s efforts in a retarded state of perpetual infancy? These are not only vital questions, but ones that urgently require your attention.

Ok! Enough questions already – what about the answers? Well, there is no shortage of those! In fact, there is such a plethora of viewpoints about what is real or significant, which gods we should bow down to, and what makes the world go round, how can we possibly determine which weltanschauung or solution is true? Furthermore, what is true and applicable for one soul is not necessarily appropriate for another. Both the Bible and modern physics are right, even though contradictory: yes, you are the centre of the universe (but so is everybody else).

Let’s assume that you possess the Universal grand-plan, i.e. a map that shows you where you are now; what your ultimate destination is (or should be); and what route to travel to get there. Congratulations! However, if your compass isn’t working properly, then your “reality map” is useless. Nobody can give you their GPS to help you ascertain where you’re at.

What all this means is that your survival ultimately depends on your internal compass, inner sense, intuition, or whatever you wish to call it. Furthermore, this wisdom is innate – i.e. you were born with it. Unfortunately, we lose that clarity and become confused due to the distractions and demands of modern life. And to replace that innate understanding of right and wrong, we are processed and indoctrinated by an education system that evaluates worth primarily on the hard currency of facts, figures and finance.

But you’re still waiting for me to give you the answer. OK, but you won’t like it. The answer to fixing not only your life, but the troubles of the world is … (drum roll) … you. It’s in your hands. However, first you have to put your own house in order. Until we as individuals are in harmony within ourselves, our efforts to inflict order, peace and harmony on the outside world is doomed to create further division and disruption.

There are no short cuts in the path to regaining the state of natural grace. You cannot realistically expect to fix yourself and tidy your nest in 5 minutes when you have spent a lifetime in fouling it. However, with the right guidance and attitude, you can make significant positive changes in a few months.

Kinergetix — the best investment you can make in your health and wellbeing, both for now and the future.