Confusion reigns … and we all get wet.

In other words, when common sense dies, people get sick (and die).


The fact of the matter is that there’s only 1 disease (and it has umpteen billion variants and symptoms). Of course, modern medical practice couldn’t possibly cope or function if it had to deal with diversity on such a scale. I mean, horrors, the “health system” would go terminal if practitioners had to give time and attention to the specific individual and their ailments, as opposed to simply preaching to the generic idealised hoi polloi from the sacred textbook of diagnosis, prescription & prognosis.


Anyway, what are the metrics of true health? Go figure!

Do you really believe that health or wellbeing can be defined and delimited by normative data? Ah yes – the myth of homeostasis. The theory is fine (it’s just that the patients are the problem.